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Andis News

      Gabriel Feitosa with dog and clipper

      STURTEVANT, WI (December 2023) - For the newest installment of its Creative Collab Series, Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of grooming tools, partners with the award-winning, celebrity pet groomer Gabriel Feitosa, bringing fans a limited-edition colorway of the popular Pulse ZR® II cordless clipper. Inspired by Gabriel’s viral exotic pet grooms on TikTok, animal lovers are sure to go wild for this new design. Dedicated to demonstrating the artistry, creativity and passion of Andis’ top creators, the Creative Collab Series tools reflect each of the professionals who inspire them. With 10,000 dollars going to the charity RedRover for animals in crisis, the purchase of this stylish new clipper will benefit the animals veterinarians and groomers have vowed to serve. 

      “Even early in my career I loved using my creativity to showcase dogs,” said Gabriel. “When I started talking to Andis about this clipper collab I knew I wanted to do something with the Pulse ZR II clipper. The versatility with detachable blades and five speeds is amazing – this clipper is my right hand in the salon and it only made sense that we collab around my favorite tool. Getting to share my spin on the tool while opening an opportunity to give back to animals in need is an incredible honor.”

      The Pulse ZR II Cordless Clipper is a favorite among professional groomers due to its high power, variable speeds and replaceable battery for non-stop grooming. Sold with its charging dock and equipped with a ceramicEDGE® Blade that stays cooler and sharper than other competing blades, the Pulse ZR II offers flexibility unmatched by any other clipper in the pet industry. Featuring Gabriel’s unique flair, these limited-edition clippers are an homage to his love of animals and anime, especially Pokémon. 

      Speaking on the charitable aspect of the partnership, Andis Foundation President and Andis Company Co-CEO,  Laura Andis Bishop said, “We are extremely excited that because of this collab, Andis Foundation will donate up to $10,000 to RedRover as it works to bring animals out of crisis through emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education. In addition, we will also be donating to the San Diego Humane Society, where our friend Gabriel volunteers his grooming time to help pets find their forever homes.”

      Available while supplies last, Gabriel’s limited-edition clipper will be available for purchase at authorized Andis dealers and on the Andis Website. To learn more about Andis Company, follow them on InstagramTikTok, and Facebook, and Gabriel on Instagram. To learn more about RedRover and its lifesaving services, visit 

      image of Andis Cut and Trim Combo in Galaxy colorway

      STURTEVANT, WI (November 2023)Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of handheld barbering tools and education for professional barbers, has just unveiled its new limited-edition Galaxy colorway. Meant to capture the infinite possibilities when working with Andis tools, the sleek, iridescent look of this new collection is meant to capture the hearts of professionals whose sights are set on the stars. Featuring some of Andis Company’s most popular tools, the Galaxy collection includes the cord/cordless Slimline Pro Trimmer and the Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper, which are available individually and as a combo kit.

      “Fans of the Envy Li Clipper and Slimline Pro Trimmer will love this exciting new colorway!” said Angie Perino, Andis’ Global Education Manager, “These popular tools are lightweight, cordless and comfortable for professional all-day use, but pack the power and precision to create any style.”

      The Slimline Pro Trimmer features a balanced, ergonomic shape for outlining, designing and dry shaving. Sleek and lightweight, the cord/cordless design allows for greater flexibility with zero downtime. Built with a powerful motor for increased speed and power, the lithium-ion battery delivers up to 2 hours of runtime. Equipped with a close-cutting, precision T-blade, the Galaxy edition Slimline Pro Trimmer embodies utility and style. 

      The Envy Li Clipper is also a mainstay for professionals worldwide due to its taper blade that adjusts from size 000 to size 1 – perfect for creating fade and taper styles. Exceptionally versatile, the Envy Li features a high-speed, rotary motor but is extremely lightweight and balanced for comfort behind the chair. This clipper is also equipped with a lithium-ion battery, delivering over 2 hours of nonstop runtime. The cord/cordless Envy Li shines in its new Galaxy colorway. 

      The limited-edition Galaxy tools feature a 1-year warranty and are available at authorized Andis dealers and To learn more about Andis Company, follow them on InstagramTikTok, and Facebook.

      Galaxy Slimline Pro Trimmer MSRP: $99.00     Galaxy Envy Li MSRP: $120.00    Galaxy Combo Kit MSRP: $193.00


      About Andis® Company

      Andis® Company is a fourth-generation, family-led business and a market leader in barbering, styling and animal grooming founded in 1922. Its industry-leading clippers, trimmers and styling accessories are used by both professionals and DIYers across the globe.  The #1 preferred brand for textured hair, Andis remains committed to leading the category while ensuring quality, durability and innovation. Andis believes that creativity makes the world a better place and takes pride in developing tools and educational resources that help everyone create their way. To find a local distributor or retailer, call 800-558-9441 or visit

      picture of andis emerge pet clipper

      STURTEVANT, WI (October 2023)Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of handheld grooming tools and education for professional groomers, announced today the launch of its professional-grade eMERGE™ Clipper. Designed for high-volume cutting, this sleek clipper features a precision-engineered, high-speed rotary motor that delivers 4,500 strokes per minute to create great grooms faster. From curly to long-fur, plush trims and tidy profiles, this single-speed clipper will quickly cut through any pet coat.

      Engineered with comfort and quality in mind, the eMERGE Clipper is built in Wisconsin, USA and features a narrow shape to reduce hand stress and deliver more control. Contoured grooves on the back of the clipper aid in finger placement and grip to safely trim pets large and small. The eMERGE is also equipped with an LED battery status indicator light that turns from white to red once the clipper reaches 10% battery so groomers know exactly when to charge up.  

      “We’re excited to share the eMERGE Clipper with the grooming community,” said Andis’ Manager of Education and professional groomer, Nicole Kallish. “This is a powerhouse clipper that groomers will love and its detachable blade system is compatible with all Andis’ ultraEDGE®, ceramicEDGE®, and Fine-Tooth blades, to provide a consistent and customizable cut, groom after groom.”

      Available in stylish blue and purple colorways and equipped with a travel-lock safety button, this new clipper is fitted with an Andis ceramicEDGE size 10 blade that runs cooler and stays sharper longer. With a 1-year warranty, the eMERGE Clipper is built to not only last, but also be a mainstay in any groomer’s toolkit.

      The eMERGE Clipper Kit includes:

      • -eMERGE Cord/Cordless Clipper
      • -Power Supply Adapter & Cord
      • -Blade Brush
      • -¼ Oz Oil Tube
      • -Replacement Quad Drive

      To purchase the eMERGE Clipper, visit or your local authorized Andis dealer. For more information on Andis Company, follow them on InstagramTikTok and Facebook.

      About Andis® Company

      Andis® Company is a fourth-generation, family-led business and a market leader in barbering, styling and animal grooming founded in 1922. Its industry-leading clippers, trimmers and styling accessories are used by both professionals and DIYers across the globe.  The #1 preferred brand for textured hair, Andis remains committed to leading the category while ensuring quality, durability and innovation. Andis believes that creativity makes the world a better place and takes pride in developing tools and educational resources that help professional groomers to at-home users. To find a local distributor or retailer, call 800-558-9441 or visit

      Kevin Luchman Retro Revival Hairstyle Pics

      STURTEVANT, WI (August 2023) - Yesterday, Andis® Company’s International Artistic Lead, Kevin Luchmun, premiered his Retro Revival collection at BarberCon in Dallas, Texas. After months in development, Kevin’s newest styles debuted to incredible fanfare. Presenting six unique cuts to round out this collection, these styles are modeled on multiple genders and feature several hair textures and popping colors to complement the edgy elements of nostalgia. 

      As a part of the Andis Company, Luchmun crafted his looks with Andis professional tool line, with a strong reliance on the reSURGE Shaver and the reVITE Clipper. After 6 months of planning, Kevin’s looks are not only emblematic of his incredible skill but of the elite-level performance of Andis products. As Andis’ International Artistic Lead, Kevin viewed this as an opportunity to not only drive innovation in the styling sphere but to demonstrate the versatility of Andis’ cordless lineup of clippers, trimmers, shavers and accessories.

      “My goal here was to take the inspiration that’s constantly available to us from fashion to social media, to our day-to-day lives and to create a collection that would totally cut through that noise. But, rather than building on contemporary trends, it was my intention to reinvent retro and older styles from the ground up. With the help of my incredible creative team and my Andis partnership, I feel that this collection is the start of a complete reset for my own work and the barbering industry as a whole,” said Luchman.

      As both barber and creative director, Luchmun worked closely with a team of stylists to craft clothing profiles that were able to complement the hair as much as the hair complemented the clothes. Directing his videography team with incredible precision, each angle of these cuts has been artfully captured in exceptional detail. In combination with Kevin’s own photography, this collection sets a new standard for barbering innovation. 

      The six Retro Revival looks featured in this new collection were built to highlight the texture and color of each model’s hair, creating custom but easily replicable looks. The styles include:

      • Sculpted Tapered Afro

      This style combines the natural volume and texture of an afro with a precise and gradual taper on the sides and back.  The hair is carefully shaped and sculpted to maintain a rounded silhouette, while the low taper provides a clean and polished look.  This creates a harmonious balance between the shape's fullness and the well-defined lines of a taper, resulting in a stylish and sophisticated look.

      • Wave Fusion Mullet

      A modern Mullet hairstyle with blonde hair, styled with its natural wavy texture and enhanced by a taper fade on the sides. This trendy and versatile look has the retro appeal of the mullet with a contemporary twist. 

      • Sharp Edge Undercut Bob

      This style is a precision bob hairstyle with an undercut at the back.  This edgy and modern look combines the sleekness of a classic bob with a bold twist. The precision bob frames the face with clean lines and a sharply defined fringe.  At the back, the undercut is incorporated to remove weight and create movement throughout the shape. 

      • Tender Flow Mullet

      This style is a soft, textured mullet hairstyle that gives a gentler look by maintaining length while still removing weight around the parietal ridge.  The underneath is connected to the top with soft waves and natural texture. 

      • 90s Retro Rise

      This style is a high-top hairstyle with a tapered fade that pays homage to the iconic trends of the 90s.  This classic yet contemporary hairstyle features a voluminous and structured high top, reminiscent of bold and gravity-defying vintage styles, embracing nostalgia while maintaining a fresh and fashionable aesthetic.

      • Rugged Edge

      This Rugged Edge style combines elements of shorter internal lengths with textured layers and longer fringe for added flair. Using clippers to create texture through slide cutting, the layers play a significant role in adding dimension and movement to the style. 

      Videos and photographs of Andis’ Retro Revival collection feat. Kevin Luchmun are available to view on the Creator Series Section of the Andis website.  To keep up to date with Kevin’s work follow him on Instagram. To learn more about Andis® Company, follow them on InstagramTikTok, and Facebook


      About Andis® Company

      Andis® Company is a fourth-generation, family-led business and a market leader in barbering, styling and animal grooming founded in 1922. Its industry-leading clippers, trimmers and styling accessories are used by both professionals and DIYers across the globe.  The #1 preferred brand for textured hair, Andis remains committed to leading the category while ensuring quality, durability and innovation. Andis believes that creativity makes the world a better place and takes pride in developing tools and educational resources that help everyone create their way. To find a local distributor or retailer, call 800-558-9441 or visit

      picture of Laura Andis Bishop

      STURTEVANT, WI (JUNE 2023) - The Andis Foundation, Andis Company’s philanthropic organization dedicated to building stronger families and communities, today announced its 2023 grant recipients. Partnering with five non-profit organizations both within Wisconsin and beyond, the Andis Foundation is proud to offer its financial support to programs dedicated to creating a lasting impact within their communities.

      “From its inception, Andis Foundation has strived to support organizations who can help make the largest, positive impact and help all kids succeed and thrive,” said Laura Andis Bishop, Andis Foundation President. “I am confident our 2023 grant recipients will help us continue that mission of driving positive change.” 

      Since its establishment in 2015, Andis Foundation has donated over $1.7 million for grants, scholarships and community outreach with the goal of supporting programs that actively build strong kids and families. Organizations receiving grants in 2023 include:

      • Pawsperity: Kansas City-based Pawsperity offers vocational training in the pet grooming industry for unemployed parents, offering stability and self-sufficiency. The organization is a multi-time grant recipient.
      • Racine Zoo: The Racine Zoo’s Summer Camp experience is again receiving support from Andis Foundation, as this program leads kids to develop a deeper understanding and positive values of ecology and conservation. This year, the Andis Foundation is the sole sponsor of the Summer Camp program.
      • River Bend Nature Center & Andis Chickadee Trail: After Partnering with the River Bend Nature Center post-pandemic to create the Andis Chickadee Trail, Andis Foundation will continue its support to offer families safe, fun opportunities to connect with nature and each other at no cost.
      • The George Bray Neighborhood YMCA: Andis Foundation renews its support to the George Bray Neighborhood YMCA as it delivers critical services to help youth and families right in the heart of Racine, Wisconsin.
      • SecureFutures Foundation: This year Andis Foundation will support the launch of the SecureFutures Foundation in Racine – a Money Coach program that engages high school students with mentors to develop financial management skills for use in college and future careers.

      Andis Foundation will award a second round of grants for 2023 later this fall. For more information about the Andis Foundation and how to apply for a grant, visit

      About Andis Foundation

      Andis Foundation, Inc., a 501c-3 organization, was founded in 2015 and is the charitable giving arm of the Andis® Company. Funded exclusively by Andis Company, its mission is to build strong families, develop thriving kids and foster a vibrant community in which to live. For more information see 

      Andis Fine Tooth Animal Clipper Blades

      STURTEVANT, WI (MAY 2023)Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of handheld grooming tools and education for the professional groomer, announced today the launch of its ceramicEGDE® Fine-Tooth (FT) Blade Line for professional use. Pet stylists will now be able to unlock a new level of precision thanks to these new blades which feature a unique tooth geometry designed to deliver a smoother, cleaner finish on a wide range of animal coats

      CeramicEDGE FT blades are enhanced with advanced ceramic technology that allow these fine-tooth blades to stay cooler for longer, so groomers and pets alike can feel comfortable as detailed, creative looks are crafted. CeramicEdge FT blades also stay sharper longer than steel blades making them a perfect addition to any grooming kit.  The new ceramicEDGE FT cutters are also available separately in 22, 24, and 26-tooth options, to allow professionals to fine-tune their grooms and blade performance – even on pets with especially fine coats such as cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. 

      “Our goal with the ceramicEdge FT Blades was to allow groomers to create smoother, cleaner finishes while offering more precision,” said Andis’ Manager of Animal Education Nicole Kallish. “As a professional groomer, I love the fact that I can switch between three fine-tooth cutter options to achieve the cutting performance I need.”

      The ceramicEDGE FT line delivers a flexibility that suits the needs of both groomer and animal, inspiring creativity along the way. FT blades are compatible with all Andis detachable blade clippers and the individual, ceramic FT cutters can be installed on any Andis detachable blade – no tools required. Pet stylists can create with Andis FT blades in 5 different sizes:

      30FT blade — leaves hair .5mm, 1/64 inches

      10FT blade — leaves hair  1.5 mm, 1/16 inches

      7FT blade — leaves hair 3.2mm, 1/8 inches

      5FT blade — leaves hair 6.3mm, 1/4 inches

      4FT blade — leaves hair 9.5mm, 3/8 inches 

      MSRP for FT Blades range from $29.00 - $52.00. To purchase the ceramicEDGE FT Blade Line, visit or your local Andis dealer. 

      Andis beSPOKE Trimmer on charging stand

      December 14, 2022 | Sturtevant, Wisconsin – Andis Company, a leading manufacturer of barbering, styling  and grooming tools, is thrilled to announce today the launch of the Centennial beSPOKE Trimmer. The latest trimmer in its portfolio is designed specifically for professionals who are inspired by precision design to create custom looks. The beSPOKE trimmer uses the latest technology, including revolutionary induction charging and next-level design, to pay homage to the brand's leadership in innovation on its centennial anniversary.

      "The beSPOKE Trimmer commemorates our 100th anniversary and ushers in the next century of Andis," said co-CEO Matt Andis. "The premium Z-Blade celebrates the legacy of Andis as a quality blade manufacturer, while the wireless induction charging represents our relentless drive to innovate and help our creators take their artistry to the next level.”

      The beSPOKE Trimmer’s design is a nod to the future with an ergonomic shape, sleek lines and a modern, metallic color palette toasting Andis Company's spectacular history. But most unique is the tool's wireless charging technology. The induction charging stand provides convenient, wireless charging, proudly displays your trimmer, and is compatible with other induction charging Qi-compatible devices, such as your phone.

      "The beSPOKE Trimmer embodies who Andis is as a brand. By infusing innovation, modern trends and premium color schemes, along with truly understanding advancements to solve daily challenges that our barbers and stylists face, the beSPOKE trimmer is a combination of sleek design and leading-edge technology," said Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis VP of Marketing.

      Like all Andis tools, the beSPOKE delivers power and precision with a high-speed rotary motor and lithium-ion battery providing 1.5 hours of cordless freedom to create. Wrapped in an elegant champagne finish, the Andis Outliner Deep-Tooth GTX-Z Blade delivers crisp visibility for tight lines, slick fades and top-notch design work. The blade's aggressive, zero-gap setting delivers a razor-like finish.

      Available at authorized Andis dealers and online (MSRP $250.00), the beSPOKE Trimmer includes a premium induction charging stand, phone charging clip, 4 attachment combs, power supply cord and a one-year warranty.

      With its sleek, ergonomic shape designed for all hand sizes and next-level performance features, the beSPOKE Trimmer is sure to become the next go-to trimmer for barbers and stylists. 


      STURTEVANT, WI ( APRIL 2023) — Andis® Company, a leader in professional tools and education for the barber and beauty industry, is excited to introduce Sabra Clark and Brea Retic as the latest additions to its Global Education Team. Now consisting of 44 educators across four continents, the Global Education Team could not be more thrilled to welcome educators and barbershop owners, Sabra Clark and Brea Retic.

      “I’m thrilled to add such incredible barbering talent to our roster of global educators,” said Angie Perino, Andis® Global Education Manager.  “Not only are Sabra and Brea fantastic advocates for barbering education locally, but, most importantly, they are committed to bettering the next generation of barbers and stylists, no matter where they’re from or what stage in their career.”

      Sabra Clark (@Saaabra) — Sabra was born and raised in San Diego and owns Straight to the Cut Barbershop. She has been fascinated with barbering ever since she was three years old and cut her bangs off after getting a comb tangled in them. She received her barbering license in 2017. 

      In addition to being a barbershop owner, Sabra is the founder of the SoCal Lady Barber Expo, the Lead Barber Educator for Bellus Academy from 2021-2022, and a six-time award-winning competitive barber. One of her goals is to start a non-profit organization to empower women and femme people in the barber industry, creating a safe space for all to feel beautiful while also developing hair and craft. Now a part of the Andis team, Clark will be able to share her mission with a global audience.

      Brea Retic (@Breajcuts) — Making a drastic career change in 2009, Brea moved to Atlanta to attend barbering school. Owner of the Brea J Cuts Studio and part of the SalonCentric It Takes a Pro Team, she has taken her calling in stride. Upon discovering her passion for barbering she realized it was the perfect field to enjoy flexibility, family time, and a better quality of life. 

      With a passion for helping others, Brea is a volunteer for A Different Cut, which helps barbers style young adults, and children on the autism spectrum, who can find the sensory aspect of getting a haircut overwhelming. Giving barbers the tools to be thoughtful and prepared in a sensorily-sensitive environment, A Different Cut offers as much peace of mind to barbers as it does to their clients. Retic also makes sure to offer her skills and knowledge as a resource to others in the barbering industry.  

      With her service, Brea will be a powerful addition to the Andis team, fostering encouragement and community while sharing her craft. 


      STURTEVANT, WI (January 2022) — Andis® Company, a leader in professional tools and education for the barber and beauty industry, has announced the launch of their newest tool to empower these talented artists to create their way: a fully reimagined education site. This all-new site is the ultimate destination for barbers and hairstylists, featuring incredible educational resources, including a suite of free, step by step tutorial videos led by Andis® Company’s world-class global educators to help expand skills, live and pre-recorded, on-demand virtual education to help strengthen knowledge and expertise and other offerings such as downloadable books and guides for all hair types. 

      “In the beauty and barber industry, time is money, inspiration can be to hard to come by and community is crucial. Andis® Company recognizes that creators need a place to gather and to fill their own cup with skills, tips and tricks that they can bring back to their clients every day in the shop or salon. Our new education site is the place to be to access the resources you need to create your way,” said Angie Perino, the company’s Global Education Manager for its beauty & barber division. “The site is mobile-friendly and with easy, intuitive navigation you can access incredible educational content. Creators will find resources for all hair types, genders and a vast array of Andis® tools. There is something for everyone, whether you are a novice or expert, barber or stylist!”

      The Andis® Barber and Stylist Education site redesign is one part of the reimagined end-to-end brand experience and new positioning which officially debuted in August of last year. Andis® Company believes creativity makes the world a better place and understands the crucial need to develop tools and educational resources that help everyone to create their way —. no matter what stage of their professional career. In addition to the above features, the website also details upcoming in-person events, lists photos and bios of the global education team and makes requesting custom workshops easy via dedicated tabs. Additional step by step video tutorials, pre-recorded, on-demand virtual education and other community-building features will continue to roll out throughout 2022. 

      woman grooming dog

      STURTEVANT, WI (October 2022) — Andis® Company, the leading barbering, styling and animal grooming tools brand dedicated to empowering professionals and consumers to create their way, is proud to announce the next installment of its Creator Series. Launching today, the latest episode, focuses on Pawsperity — a Kansas City 501c3 nonprofit organization that empowers parents to overcome barriers to stable employment and find meaningful work in high-demand pet-related trades, from pet grooming to dog daycare and dog training.

      “When the request for help with tools from Pawsperity hit my inbox back in 2015, I knew this program was going to be different and that we had to get involved immediately. Given the impact they’ve had in turning people’s lives around, we’re incredibly proud to support their mission through the Andis Foundation and, now, this Creator Series Original,” said Matt K. Andis, co-CEO Andis Company. 

      Grooming is an in-demand profession in which individuals with barriers to stable employment – including domestic violence, addiction, criminal records and incomplete education – can find meaningful employment. Pawsperity’s education-based approach empowers single parents in poverty by equipping them with valuable skills, but it also ensures that they focus on improving their family’s future through parenting and budgeting classes, mental health support, life skills courses, and other needed medical services by partnering with many local organizations.

      “Create your way. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do for our students. Come in, learn how to groom dogs. They can open their own businesses, they can go work for somebody else, but most importantly, once they have that financial backing, they can create that path for their life,” said Natasha Kirsch, Founding CEO of Pawsperity. “Our students are creating financial stability for their families. They’re creating a new cycle for their kids. Creating a whole new path.”

      Formally known as, The Grooming Project, the organization underwent a massive physical expansion and rebranded itself to “Pawsperity.” When the organization opens its 16,000-square-foot Kansas City facility in late 2022, it is expected to become the nation’s largest dog grooming school. Learn more about this groundbreaking organization at

      "Working with The Grooming Project, now Pawsperity, is the perfect example of the transformative power of grooming. They teach the business and art of pet grooming to single parents, helping them to become self-reliant and create an entirely new future for their families,” said Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis Company’s Vice President of Marketing. "Through our ongoing financial support from the Andis Foundation and this Creator Series Original feature, we want to illustrate to everyone that dog grooming can be literally life-changing. We know that other professional groomers and pet parents are going to be inspired by these students and their stories of hope.”

    • Barbers set to compete for coveted titles in 3 live competitions at the UK’s premier barbering event.
      andis battle royale logo

      (MAY 2023) - A world leading manufacturer of barbering, styling and grooming tools, Andis remains at the forefront of innovation and education, and is the main sponsor of  Barber Connect, which takes place at the International Centre, Telford on June 11-12. This year Andis will debut  Battle Royale - a new barbering competition format designed to celebrate originality, technical precision and creativity. 

      With three categories: ANDIS Creative Freestyle Barbering, ANDIS Fastest Fade and ANDIS Student Barbering, the competitions will bring together the most talented barbers from around the world to showcase their skills and creativity, and compete against each other to win in their chosen category.

      “Ultimately, Battle Royale is an exciting and dynamic event that celebrates the artistry and skill of barbers,” says Andis International Artistic Team Lead, Kevin Luchman. “It provides a platform for barbers to showcase their talents, connect with other professionals in the industry, and push themselves to reach new heights of creativity and excellence. We’re so excited about presenting this competition on our impressive stage at Barber Connect.”

      Judged by a panel of leading industry experts, including Andis International Artistic Team Lead Kevin Luchmun, Andis UK Education Team Lead Baldy and Andis International Platform Artist Hayden Cassidy, each contestant’s work will be closely evaluated based on criteria such as technique, style, and overall presentation. 

      Joined by judges Joseph Goss from Rum Barber, Andis Educator Sid Sottung and Bonds Barbershop owner and educator Mike Taylor, the winners will receive a range of prizes, including Andis tools, a cash prize and the opportunity to be featured on Andis Social Media channels. The competition is a highly respected and sought-after accolade, and winning will be considered a significant achievement in the industry. All contestants will receive an Andis tool assortment valued at £500 just for competing.

      Competition schedule, entry costs and prizes:

      Day 1: Sunday 

      1 p.m.-3 p.m. ANDIS Creative Freestyle Barbering (30 mins cutting time)

      Entry fee: £100

      3.30 p.m.-5 p.m. ANDIS Fastest Fade (15 mins cutting time)

      Entry fee: £100

      Prizes for Creative Freestyle Barbering and Fastest Fade categories

      1st Place: £500, beSPOKE Trimmer, post on Andis IG

      2nd Place: Black reVITE Clipper and taper blade, plus a post on Andis Instagram

      3rd Place: Grey reVITE Clipper and fade blade, plus a post on Andis Instagram


      Day 2: Monday 

      10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. ANDIS Student Barbering (30 mins cutting time)

      Entry fee: £60

      Prizes for ANDIS Student Barbering category

      1st Place: £250, beSPOKE Trimmer, plus a post on Andis Instagram

      2nd Place: Black reVITE Clipper and taper blade, plus a post on Andis Instagram

      3rd Place: Grey reVITE Clipper and fade blade, plus a post on Andis Instagram

      Competitions are limited 8 competitors for each event.

      Resurge Shaver front view

      STURTEVANT, WI (December 1, 2021) –– Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of barbering and grooming tools, has released the sleek, new reSURGE Shaver. This premium tool features an easy pivot head that hugs the contours of the face, head, and neck, as well as an integrated long hair trimmer that reduces the amount of pre-trimming needed before shaving. 

      The reSURGE incorporates a powerful, high-speed motor to glide through wet or dry hair — eliminating the need for a straight razor. Its dual, independent gold titanium, hypoallergenic foils combat irritation and deliver ultra-smooth results. 

      “The reSURGE Shaver lets barbers and stylists do it all,” said Angie Perino, Andis Global Education Manager. “With a state-of-the-art design, wet/dry capability, integrated long hair trimmer and hypoallergenic dual gold titanium foils, this shaver packs all the punches. We are excited to get the reSURGE Shaver in the hands of barbers and stylists everywhere to empower them to create their way.” 

      The reSURGE shaver is the first product to showcase the company’s new logo and packaging designed for a premium unboxing experience. Additional features include: USB-C charging, smart LED design with battery status indicator and low-level warning, as well as a travel lock to prevent accidental battery discharge. Lithium-ion power delivers a 60-minute run time on a single charge and a magnetic cap doubles as a stand for efficiency at the workstation. 

      For nearly 100 years, Andis Company has been a leader and innovator in the men’s grooming industry with its innovative technology and top-tier educational offerings. Andis offers free online educational resources at, allowing everyone from expert barbers to beginners to learn new tips and techniques behind the chair. 

      inFORM Shaver

      STURTEVANT, WI (March 2023) - Whether shaving the face or head, bumps and redness are a thing of the past with the powerful yet gentle new inFORM™ Shaver from Andis Company, a leading manufacturer of tools for both professional barbers and DIYers. The inFORM Shaver comes packed with power and its ergonomic shape, lightweight design, and non-slip rubber grip deliver a flawless shave in less time. Unlike other shavers, the inFORM includes a bonus foil head for use on sensitive skin preventing irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs.

      The shaver's twin, hypoallergenic titanium foils move independently to hug every contour and glide effortlessly over the skin. Its detachable foils are also washable so they can be cleaned up quickly in the bathroom sink. Perfect for someone on the go, the inFORM can be used whenever and wherever ? cordless or corded ? for performance you can count on anytime! A charging adapter, cleaning brush, and snap-on protection cap are all included in the purchase, making the inFORM Shaver a go-to for any customer who needs convenience to match quality. 

      Of this new release, Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Vice President of Marketing at Andis Company, said, "At Andis we put our customers at the forefront of everything we do and the inFORM Shaver is no exception. We've designed this shaver to have high-speed power that doesn't fade yet still offers a gentle shaving experience that can be fine-tuned to meet each individual's needs. We pride ourselves on making products that prioritize comfort and efficiency, which is why this shaver comes in an ultra-lightweight, 4.5 oz. design ? it performs and looks great!”

      Featuring an advanced lithium-ion battery this incredible shaver offers up to 90 minutes of fade-free power driving a high-speed rotary motor for more cutting action. This plus the inFORM’s cordless maneuverability, delivers a razor-like shave in less time than other razors. The shaver is also equipped with an LED battery status indicator so you don't get caught powerless mid-shave! 

      The new inFORM Shaver is available from Target, Wal-Mart or and features a one-year warranty. 

      MSRP: $47.50


      STURTEVANT, WI (August 2022) — Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of barbering and grooming tools, is excited to announce the launch of its new professional, cordless reVITE Clippers.

      Both uniquely designed reVITE Clippers (black and gray) include a stainless-steel blade design which combines the functionality of a removable blade and adjustable blade in one single tool. This enables the stylist or barber to make changes between a Taper blade and Fade blade quickly and easily for added efficiency and convenience. The reVITE also has a large, textured grip that enhances comfort to prevent slipping, a tapered body to improve ergonomics for all hand sizes as well as a new high-speed rotary motor to shape and sculpt. The reVITE features 2 hours of non-stop run time while the LED battery status indicator turns from blue to red when battery level is below 10%.


      Black reVITE Clipper

      The black reVITE features a Fade blade which adjusts from size 00000-000 for ulta-close cutting, and an unbreakable aluminum housing for years of dependable use. This reVITE is great for clipper-over-comb technique, bald fading and freehand work.  


      Gray reVITE Clipper

      The gray reVITE features a Taper blade which adjusts from size 000-1 for all-around haircutting. However, this version is designed for those who prefer to create with an ultra-lightweight clipper and features a composite housing. This combination of light weight and slim shape is perfect for smaller hands.

      "The reVITE clipper is a sleek, tool with endless versatility that meets all of my needs,” says Angie Perino, Andis Company Global Education Manager and cosmetologist. “Its powerful cutting performance and ergonomic design allows me to feel empowered to create any look — I can quickly swap the Fade blade out for the Taper blade in a matter of seconds. Plus, the  precision of the reVITE provides a sharp edge, giving the modern classic look, a perfect finish.”

      MSRP: $186.65 

      Andis Company is also currently celebrating its centennial year — and the reVITE Clippers are the first Andis professional clippers to use the new visual brand language since its recent rebranding.

      The Popular Nobody with his custom colorway

      STURTEVANT, WI (February 2022)Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of barbering and styling tools and education for professional barbers and hair stylists, has joined forces with award-winning barber and educator John Mosley, known professionally as “Popular Nobody,” to launch its most unique collection yet. One of Andis’ leading Global Educators and 2022 NAHA Educator of the Year, John uses his influence to inspire creativity among professionals and this new collaboration, featuring three limited-edition tools, highlights his artistry and encourages others to create their way. 

      “Kicking off our Creative Collab Series with John and his Popular Nobody brand is incredibly exciting. Andis is always looking to inspire and encourage others to create their way, so when we spoke with John about the idea of creating a custom clipper with a common vision to support a great cause, we were excited to bring it to life,” said Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis VP of Marketing. “We think people will really love what we’ve done with John and B. Clark Customs.” 

      Branded with the signature Popular Nobody “Atlas” Gorilla logo and a design based on a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted colorway by B. Clark Customs™, this special-edition release includes custom versions of the Master® Cordless Li Clipper, the Cordless Envy® Li Clipper, and the Slimline® Pro Li Trimmer. Each tool for this collaboration was chosen by John with professional creators in mind. It combines some of Andis' best-selling tools with the imagination and style of the Popular Nobody brand wrapped using fresh, modern colors, and a surprise black light glow design. Tools in the collection include:

      Master Cordless Lithium-Ion Clipper: 

      Andis Company’s most popular professional clipper, The Master Cordless, offers high-speed power, constant speed technology, and an adjustable blade for unbeatable precision that make it perfect for skin-tight fades and tapers. With a 90-minute cordless runtime and a durable aluminum housing, the Master Cordless Clipper delivers premier-quality cuts with the aesthetic edge of Popular Nobody style. 

      Cordless Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper:

      With 2 hours of cordless runtime on a 90-minute charge, the super lightweight Cordless Envy Adjustable Blade Clipper is designed with the craft in mind. The lightweight design is ideal for smaller hands and for comfortable all-day use. Decked in a unique Popular Nobody colorway, this clipper embodies creative freedom. 

      Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer

      A sleek, lightweight profile and extra-sharp carbon-steel T-blade mean this trimmer was built for ultra-close, precision detailing. The Slimline Pro Trimmer boasts an ergonomic design perfect for controlled outlining, designing and touchups on the neckline. Also showcasing the Popular Nobody graphics, this trimmer completes this incredible, artful set of tools. 

      Dedicated to giving back to his community, John has pledged $10,000 of the proceeds from this collaboration to A Change is Coming, a Texas-based 501c non-profit foundation that provides scholarships to Black and Brown youth. Andis will also be making a matching grant of $10,000 through its Andis Foundation to support the group’s work.

      Of the donation, John said: “There comes a point in your career where you realize your success wouldn’t have been possible without someone else helping you. As an Andis Global Educator, I have seen how teaching others to be successful makes a difference. This creative collab with Andis is a great expression of artistry and giving back and A Change Is Coming is the perfect partner to benefit from this project.”

      Available while supplies last, these limited-edition tools will be sold separately on the Popular Nobody website. To learn more about Andis® Company, follow them on InstagramTikTok and Facebook. To keep up to date with John Mosely and Popular Nobody, follow him on Instagram

      We are inspired by the dreamers and visionaries remaking our world today, because creativity makes the world a better place. We are creators and together we shape the world.