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Master®/ML Replacement Blade, Size 000-1

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Even the shiniest gems fade with time. Keep the sparkle on the crown jewel of your collection with the Master Blade, 22-Tooth, the ultimate precision blade for the king of all clippers.

Master®/ML Replacement Blade, Size 000-1

Shining bright, cutting tight. 

Every precious stone needs a polish now and then. Give your craft the rejuvenation it deserves with the Master® Blade, 22-Tooth, a high-precision replacement for the Andis Master––the ultimate Andis Nation favorite. These high-quality taper blades are extra sharp with carbon-steel teeth that glide through hair effortlessly and adjust for sizes 000 to 1. Sculpt, cut, and design all day, every day with precision tools engineered to exceed the demands of every creative vision. Attach and clean quickly with a dual-screw setting that stays tight and secure as you create. Revive your art with the Master #22-Tooth Replacement Blade.