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5 Simple Steps to Bump-Free Shaving

Shaving can be an irritating process, literally! Especially for those that have curly hair, yet desire to keep a clean-shaven look. Dry shaving is a great shaving alternative for people who have sensitive skin and develop bumps easily. There are 5 simple steps to follow for dry shaving that will help keep men bump-free.


Exfoliation ensures that the pores on the exposed layers of skin remain clear and free from pore-clogging oil and or debris. Clogged pores prevent hair from growing above the top layer of skin, resulting in bumps from ingrown hairs.

Dampen the Skin

Dry shaving is an alternative to traditional shaving with foam or soap. It’s considered “dry shaving” because wet products are not used during the process. However, the skin and hair should still be softened with a moist, hot towel before the dry shaving process. A super-smooth dry shave can be achieved using the Andis inFORM Shaver, which features dual Titanium foils and a bonus sensitive skin foil head to deliver a comfortable shave no matter your skin type.

Determine How Close

Shaving too close could be a culprit in causing ingrown hair bumps. Therefore, if a foil shaver is too close for your skin type, a trimmer such as the Andis T-Outliner® would be a great alternative because it will leave a very short stubble that will minimize ingrown hairs. The Andis T-Outliner® has been the dry shaver’s personal choice for decades. In addition, the Andis inLINER Trim & Shave is a great alternative for trimming or dry shaving at home.

Keep a Routine

Consistency with the shaving routine can help men maintain a bump-free complexion. For instance, if the Andis inFORM Shaver creates the ideal closeness of the desired shave, shaving every two days may work best to keep shaven areas bump-free. If the Andis T-Outliner® or Andis inLINER Trim & Shave create the ideal closeness of a shave, shave every 3-7 days to prevent ingrown hairs.

Protect Your Skin Post Shave

Your post-shave care is just as important as the shave itself. Be sure to wash away any remaining hair or dead skin and pat to dry. Using a quality toner or moisturizing product will help maintain its elasticity. It is also helpful to exfoliate the skin every 3 days to keep pores open and prevent in-grown hairs.