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New York, NY

Troy’s Story

Barber and speaker Troy Hugie knows no two routes to success look the same. Informed by his struggles and his passions, Troy created his own roadmap. One that took him from a college dropout lacking confidence, to a highly-skilled master barber. And he didn't stop there. Troy turned his career into something that provides more than an income. As a speaker and a mentor, he relishes the opportunity to inspire New York City youth, encouraging them to reframe struggles and find their own versions of success?a creative act worthy of celebration

Los Angeles, CA

Vanessa’s Story

When Vanessa Rene's salon was forced to shut down due to the pandemic, she was heartbroken and nervous for the uncertain future ahead. But, Vanessa didn't let the pain of closing her shop stop her, she pushed forward and is now happier than ever in a new role with more freedom. She also utilized her time off during the pandemic to give back to her community and raise funds for over 70 freelancers. Now Vanessa rents a chair at a salon and uses every day as an opportunity to learn and grow from her peers, making her a better and more passionate stylist.

Mount Holly, NJ

Melissa’s Story

Melissa Fuda a true creative professional. She combines creative vision, skills, and attention to detail to make the grooming experience stress-free, transparent and beautiful for her clients and their pets.