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Get a perspective on Andis Company straight from the people who work here. Our dedicated, hardworking associates are committed to:

Excellence–Never settling for good enough.

Integrity–Being honest, responsible and accountable.

Respect–Valuing what's important to others.

If these things are important to you too, we would love to talk to you about a career at Andis.

Rick in Assembly

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From my first day at Andis over 20 years ago and through today, I instantly felt welcomed into a family. I always enjoy the relaxed, fun-loving and caring family atmosphere from my coworkers, supervisors, and definitely the Andis family itself. Add to that the great benefits, like the 401k match, short-term disability, health, dental and vision insurance, and it's easy to see why I enjoy coming to work every day.

Andy in Engineering

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Andis is a company that takes great interest in the future. The family continually invests in the facility to improve the plant's manufacturing capabilities. There is a constant push to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and find ways to apply them to our products and processes. Andis also has a number of great programs in place to facilitate personal growth and gives back to the community—more than other companies its size. I am eager to see the progress that we can make in years to come!

Frank in Machining

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From the beginning of my career at Andis, it was made very clear that I was working for a family company. One that not only gave me a great job all those 39 years ago, but also treats its employees as a part of their family. The Andis brand is hands-down the best products made by a dedicated, hardworking and diverse team of employees that I'm proud to work with every day.

Theresa in Machining

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I enjoy working at Andis because we continuously stay up-to-date with safety training and that helps make it a good environment to work in. The supervisors make sure to treat each employee with the utmost respect and are always welcoming when you need something.

Venesso in Purchasing

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I find it incredibly inspiring when my coworkers are interacting and collaborating with one another. Our executive personnel is so approachable and hands-on with their team. This creates opportunities to learn and grow, which makes Andis a progressive, exciting place to work!

Yolanda in Assembly

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The people at Andis are friendly, easy to get along with and understanding—kind of like a second family. I love the hours as I'm able to pick up my son from school and still have a lot of time to do things before the evening hours come.