"From my first day at Andis over 20 years ago and through today, I instantly felt welcomed into a family. I always enjoy the relaxed, fun, loving and caring family atmosphere from my fellow co-workers, supervisors, and definitely the Andis family itself. Add to that the great benefits, like the 401k match, short-term disability, health, dental and vision insurance, and it's easy to see why I enjoy coming to work every day."
Rick in Assembly

"I very much like working for a family-owned company where they are hands-on. I've never felt like a 'number' but have always felt I'm known by name. The company is continually adding programs that support the employee's well-being and help them balance their personal duties alongside their work duties. It shows Andis is a company that is listening to its employees and values their input. It's a joy to work with professionals who consistently put their best self forward on the job."
Alice in Customer Service

"From the beginning of my career at Andis, it was made very clear that I was working for a family company. One that not only gave me a great job all those 39 years ago, but also treats its employees as a part of their family. The Andis brand is hands-down the best products made by a dedicated, hardworking and diverse team of employees that I'm proud to work with every day."
Frank in Machining

"I enjoy working at Andis because we continuously stay up-to-date with safety training and that helps make it a good environment to work in. The supervisors make sure to treat each employee with the utmost respect and are always welcoming when you need something."
Theresa in Machining

"I find it incredibly inspiring when my coworkers are interacting and collaborating with one another. Our executive personnel is so approachable and hands-on with their team. This creates opportunities to learn and grow, which makes Andis a progressive, exciting place to work!"
Venesso in Purchasing

"The people at Andis are friendly, easy to get along with and understanding - kind of like a second family. I love the hours as I'm able to pick up my son from school and still have a lot of time to do things before the evening hours come."
Yolanda in Assembly

"Andis Company is owned by a very upstanding family who truly care about the people who work here - not only professionally but also personally. Andis gives people the opportunity to be part of a hard-working team, to produce and be proud of quality products, to grow within the company, and to make lasting friendships with others who live by the Andis values of excellence, integrity, and respect."
Diane in Accounting

"I like the work I do; I love the fact that I was given the opportunity to further my education and learn things that I never thought I could or would do."
Sue in Quality

"My Mother worked at Andis for 37 years before retiring and often told me that it was the best job she ever had. It was easy for me to follow her and become a part of the Andis Team! Andis not only has great benefits and pay, it has a great culture and strives to make sure that its core values are practiced on a daily basis by everyone."
Bobby in Repair

"My experience at Andis has been positive and motivating. Great benefits, friendly co-workers and supervisors. In my opinion, Andis cares about their employees, respects one another, provides quality training and has a high regard for safety."
Ruben in Machining

"I enjoy working at Andis because it is truly a family-oriented company, demonstrated by the fourth generation of family that leads the company today. The company is meant for those employees who truly exhibit the values the family holds dear: excellence, integrity and respect. Each of these core values holds equal importance to the family and Andis associates."
Scott in Engineering

"At first, I chose Andis because of the hours. The hours are wonderful, but the people, the work and the management far outweigh just the hours. Andis also gives so much back to its employees. The benefits are awesome and make you feel like they truly care about us."
Denise in Assembly

"Andis is great because the people that work here are friendly and easy to work with. From management to associates, the environment is friendly and welcoming."
Jerrilynn in Machining

"Working at Andis is like being on a football team. We start each year looking to win our season with teamwork, excellence, endurance and integrity. We wear our team logo Andis with pride and we always make it to the Super Bowl because we are all MVPs in our jobs and our customers are our biggest fans!"
Wendy in Assembly

"I like working for Andis because they offer great benefits, you have opportunities for advancement and my department is like a family – I feel like I'm at home."
Janette in Assembly

"Andis is a respected, family-orientated business with an excellent work atmosphere. We have modern technology with advanced equipment and our innovation creates job opportunities. Andis also has great leadership which makes the company a good place to work!"
Ehsan in Machining

"I like working at Andis because it is a family-owned, local business that cares about its employees and our community."
Monica in Machining

"Working at a company where both the Andis family and the people are committed to the Andis core values of excellence, integrity and respect is truly a blessing. The people at Andis are genuine, hard-working and strive for excellence each and every day. Being surrounded by talented, driven and compassionate people creates lasting motivation and a passion to succeed in all that we do. Another outstanding quality of the company is the Andis' commitment to their associates. They uphold the integrity of the Andis community through company-wide events and gatherings that provide a positive work environment and cultivate stronger working teams. This in turn creates long-lasting service to the company and happy associates."
Kristine in Marketing

"Andis is a company that takes great interest in the future. The family continually invests in the facility to improve the plant's manufacturing capabilities. There is a constant push to stay up to date on the latest technologies and find ways to apply them to our products and processes. Andis also has a number of great programs in place to facilitate personal growth and gives back to the community - more than other companies its size. I am eager to see the progress that we can make in years to come."
Andy in Engineering

"Working at Andis provides a unique opportunity to gain experience of a larger company within a closely-knit family environment. A career at Andis provides the opportunity to continuously learn and develop invaluable skills that allow me to grow and reach my maximum potential as a professional. The Andis culture is also truly exceptional. The associates take the Andis values of excellence, integrity and respect to heart and have established a collaborative environment where each individual's ideas are genuinely valued."
Tim in Purchasing

"Moving to Wisconsin from Iowa, I was looking for a job to "just make ends meet." Luckily, I ended up with a wonderful job at Andis. I found my talents and job performance were recognized right away and I was able to advance within the company very quickly. The positive reinforcement and helpful teamwork that I receive from my coworkers on a daily basis make it easy to excel and to always want to do my best. The experience that I gain is never ending. Integrity is one of the three core values, and it is readily evident at Andis. I believe the best part about Andis is the family culture. Very few companies like Andis exist today and I feel blessed to be a part of a family and legacy so great!"
Liz in Quality


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