What Barbers Are Saying...

This is the most powerful clipper I've ever used. A clean cut with no reason to keep going over the same area multiple times.
-Illinois USA

Tried to find faults with this clipper but did not find any...as in weight, balance, performance, design and build quality. This clipper is amazing. I loved the corded version, but this is levels above! I think Andis has smashed this!
-Great Britain

This clipper is making my job as a barber quicker and makes me look cool with such a nice clipper - it's restoring the fun in my profession. Thank you very much. The Master Cordless is going to be a big hit!
-California USA

These clippers are grade A, on level with the masters corded
-Texas USA

This is the best tool you have ever released. I bloody love this kit and want to get one more of each so I can rotate. Honestly amazing proud to use Andis when you produce wonderful tools like this.
-Great Britain