Cordless Nail Grinder

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Skip the clip and show your love to your pet with this kinder approach to nail and claw care. Deliver precise trim-backs with this strong, quiet grinder.

Cordless Nail Grinder

Comfort meets creativity—shorten sensitive pet nails quickly and humanely.

Part of the art of shaping and styling your pet is the ability to keep animals calm and safe. This quiet, six-speed grinder provides a compassionate approach to trimming nails without the risk of cutting them too short. Ergonomic design allows for secure handling and increased comfort—both for you and your furry clients. With up to three-hours of run time on one USB charge-up, you eliminate the anxiety of having to stop and start again. This all-in-one kit comes with drum attachments along with sanding wheels, a finishing stone, a wrench and a charging adapter. Deliver total quality grooming experiences, with Andis.


  • Ergonomic Body Shape
  • Perfectly Sized
  • Rechargeable Via USB
  • Six-speed Motor

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