Andis Gives Iconic Dryer An Ionic Twist
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Andis Gives Iconic Dryer An Ionic Twist

Sturtevant, WI (June 2014) – Salon quality curls and sets are available at home with the new Ionic Bonnet Hair Dryer from Andis. Andis incorporates the latest ionic technology to this iconic dryer design to quickly produce soft, manageable hair with gentle, even heat.

“The bonnet holds the heat for consistent drying while reducing frizz and thermal damage. It’s perfect for roller sets, pin curls, waves and deep conditioning treatments,” says Aileen Nunez, Andis international manager of education and style. “If your arms get tired from drying and styling your hair, look into getting the Bonnet Dryer, since it is hands free, you won’t experience arm fatigue that some people get with a hand-held drier.”

The jumbo bonnet accommodates extra-large rollers and stays secure with a comfort band. Two speed and two heat settings allow for styling flexibility. A 40” hose fits into the convenient storage case with a retractable handle. The Ionic Bonnet Hair Dryer features a five-year warranty. View it online at

SRP: $59.00

About Andis Company

Andis Company, a family held business founded in 1922, is a leading manufacturer of handheld tools to trim, cut, curl, straighten and dry hair. The company's products are purchased in more than 90 countries by barbers and salon professionals, consumers, hotels, motels, resorts, small animal groomers and large animal groomers and shearers. To find a local distributor, call 800-558-9441 or visit