Andis Product Milestones & Innovations


Develops the compact Single Unit Electric Animal Clipper — previous animal clippers were belt-driven with large motors.
Old Andis Master Clipper


Patents what would later become the iconic adjustable blade magnetic motor clipper for barbers called the "Master."


Releases one of the industry's first beard-specific electric trimmers dubbed the WhiskEr™.


Launches the original Outliner© trimmer, one of the first electric alternatives to the straight razor for finishing haircuts.


Invents the T-Outliner© T-blade trimmer — the professional standard for trimmers — even today.


Patents one of the first integrated vacuum systems designed around an electric clipper called the PowR Whisk™.


Releases the first Andis cordless rechargeable hair clipper.


Introduces the original and ever popular Styliner© T-blade trimmer.


Relocates to a state-of-the-art headquarters/production facility in Sturtevant, Wisconsin USA.


Develops an advanced formula ceramic clipper blade that runs cooler and stays sharper than traditional steel blades.


Integrates Lithium Ion battery technology to its product line for improved runtime and faster charging.
Candy Red Master Clipper


Releases limited edition, candy red Master clipper to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Andis.


Expands line with pet grooming tools including brushes, combs, deshedding and dematting tools, rakes and nail clippers.

Introduces Electro-Glide Technology™ on animal blades for corrosion resistance and smoother, faster cutting on all animal coats.


Introduces the ShowEdge™ large animal clipper with unique, angled clipper head design, filling the gap in the market for a lightweight, mid-size clipper with heavy-duty power.

Expands line with professional grooming shears to offer pet groomer's the complete spectrum of cutting solutions.
RAZR™ Pro Lather Machine


Raises the bar for lather machines with the introduction of the RAZR™ Pro Lather Machine — the Andis unit has replaceable parts, on/off switch and zinc metal lid for durability.